Our Services

Line Respooling

We carry a full line of Mono, Braid and trolling wire. In most cases we can respool your reel while you wait.


Guides and Tip Tops

Even with the best of care, guides and tips sometimes need replacement.
We carry a full line of rod tips and can replace most while you wait (excluding carboloid).
For guides, we match your rods colors so replacements are almost unnoticed.


Rod Repair

Although we can not repair a snapped rod, we can fix:
• loose reel seats
• replace butts
• replace reel seats


Reel Repair

We offer full service repairs on all major manufactures reels.
Prices vary by reel type so  click here to see pricing.
***If we take your reel but cannot fix it, there is No Charge.


Reel Maintainence

Don't ignore regular reel maintenance until your reel begins chirping or seizes up. Reels should be disassembled, cleaned and lubricated two or three times a season under heavy use, but a thorough cleaning and lube once a season is adequate for most anglers. Click here to see pricing.


Custom Rods

Want a rod built to your specs?
We recently built a rod with the colors and logo of the Dallas Cowboys.
Doesn't get much more custom than that.